Our Facility

Tigges Chiropractic Clinic was established by Dr. Michael Tigges in July of 1988.

The doctor and staff offer traditional chiropractic care as well as treatment and rehabilitation of personal injury, workers’ compensation, and automobile accident injuries. While proficient in many different chiropractic spinal adjusting techniques, Dr. Tigges also recognizes the need for and administers many different physical therapy modalities and treatments. Additionally, therapeutic massage therapy will be available in 2009 to provide care to patients whose diagnosis warrants and would benefit from such treatment. This multifaceted and diverse approach affords the patients at Tigges Chiropractic the highest level of care and is very effective in relieving most musculoskeletal conditions.

Complimenting your chiropractic care, you will find our Chiropractic Assistants, Katharina, Virginia, Heather, and Sheila. They are highly trained, efficient, and courteous, and are here to assist you with paperwork, scheduling appointments and insurance needs.